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We’re hiring!

Boston Center for Community Ownership is hiring a part-time Co-op Organizer to provide hands-on business support to worker-owned cooperatives and other small businesses in our region.  We are looking for someone with authentic cultural competencies relevant to the communities we serve, who has practical experience working in small businesses in a bookkeeping, financial management, or other managerial capacity.  This role is intended to grow into a full time position over time, and is located in Dorchester, MA.  

BCCO is a worker self-directed non-profit co-op development center rooted in community organizing.  We provide organizing support in English and Spanish for startup co-ops and co-op conversions, as well as ongoing training and technical assistance for existing cooperatives.  Our co-op organizers live in the communities we serve, and have extensive practical experience in cooperative and small business management.  BCCO provides hands-on assistance including bookkeeping, financial management, financial projections, loan readiness, business plans, strategic planning, governance support, and board and membership training. 


  • Providing day-to-day bookkeeping services for cooperatives and small businesses using QuickBooks Online
  • Creating financial management procedures and controls for startup businesses, including the setup of point of sale systems, cash drawer and petty cash controls, and onboarding employees
  • Helping clients to create business plans and financial projections, identify and track key performance indicators
  • Training clients in understanding their financial statements
  • Providing workshops, coaching, and technical assistance to co-ops related to decision making processes and the healthy functioning of boards of directors
  • Working closely with lawyers and accountants to assist co-ops in creating their bylaws and profit distribution procedures
  • Managing client projects, including: developing a scope of work, milestones, timeline and budget; moving the project along according to schedule; completing the project objectives and documenting processes and results
  • Representing BCCO in networks, coalitions, and organizations of which we are a member
  • Contributing to fundraising efforts by assisting with grant applications and small donor campaigns 
  • Travel to clients’ place of work, when needed.  Most of our work is in or around Boston, but we occasionally work with clients, or attend conferences, in other states.


  • Experience working in small business as a bookkeeper, financial manager, or other management capacity, particularly in Black or POC-owned businesses
  • Strong verbal communication skills; ability to break down complex business and financial topics so they are easily understood
  • Cultural competencies related to one or more of Boston’s Black and/or POC communities
  • Proficiency with spreadsheets, word processing software (MS Office, Google Drive)
  • Commitment to our values of respect and empowerment for low income workers and entrepreneurs
  • Eagerness to participate in training to develop additional skills in small business support and deepen your understanding of the cooperative model of doing business.
  • Passion for our mission of building a cooperative economy
  • Good judgement, ability to respond calmly and constructively to challenging situations

Other qualities that would strengthen your application:

  • Familiarity with various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Point of Sale (POS) software options
  • Strong writing skills and enthusiasm for writing, experience writing marketing materials and/or grant applications
  • Fluency in a language other than English or Spanish that is commonly spoken in our region
  • Experience with community organizing or social justice movements
  • Experience and/or training as a meeting facilitator or mediator
  • Coursework in accounting or business topics, economic development, or public policy
  • Experience leading workshops or trainings
  • Experience working in cooperatives or other democratic organizations

This is an exempt position starting at 20 hours per week, paid on salary at a rate equivalent to $33/hour, with paid time off for vacations, sick/personal, and holidays.  To apply, please use our contact form to inquire, and we will provide an email address where you can send a resume and cover letter. 

This job was posted 8/13/2021 and will remain open until filled.


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