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We work primarily with worker-owned cooperatives, but also support other types of cooperatives such as hybrid (worker-consumer) and housing cooperatives.

This could be a thing?

Make use of our ongoing education and training opportunities. Existing co-ops can request technical assistance when they need support with governance, budgeting, financial systems, and a variety of other needs

Cooperatives Principle #5 is Education, Training, and Information

This principle is included on the international list of co-op principles for good reason.

Ongoing employee and member education is critical to the long term success of a co-op, to ensure that the members understand their rights and responsibilities, feel empowered to make changes to the co-op when needed, and have the knowledge they need to interpret the data and financial information they will have access to as co-op members.  

Customized Training

BCCO offers customized, on-site training for your employees, members, and/or board.  We also frequently partner with other organizations to offer training to their members, borrowers, and learners.  We can provide annual or periodic trainings on subjects such as:

It’s easy to inquire about customized training for your co-op.  Just use our contact form to send an inquiry, and we will schedule a time to discuss your training needs.  

(If you are a W-2 employer in the state of Massachusetts, training may be subsidized through the Workforce Training Fund Program.)

Public Training

In addition to customized training by request, we offer periodic scheduled workshops that are open to the public.  Below please find a schedule of our upcoming workshops.

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