What We Do

Who we serve:

  • Existing Cooperatives make use of our ongoing education and training opportunities, and can request technical assistance when they need some support with governance, budgeting, financial systems, and a variety of other needs (link to list below).
  • Startup Cooperatives partner with us for help with business plans, financial projections, finding loans and investment, and designing governance systems
  • Existing businesses hoping to convert to worker-ownership come to us to manage the process in a way that’s fair and transparent to the workers.  We guide businesses through the process of self-assessment for readiness for worker ownership, support the business in making any needed changes, and work with our lawyers and accountants from our network to complete the deal.
  • Community-based organizations partner with us to create co-op development initiatives in their communities, bringing people power and broad networks to the table where we meet them with the technical skills and knowledge needed to be successful in business.
  • Municipalities and economic development organizations seek us out for collaboration on small business training, community economic development strategies for low-income workers, and procurement opportunities, connecting city contracts to community-based businesses.

We work primarily with worker-owned cooperatives, but also support other types of cooperatives such as hybrid (worker-consumer) and housing cooperatives.