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Support Our Work

Our co-Op Organizers work shoulder to shoulder with co-op members to:

You can make a real difference in the success of our local co-op economy by helping us provide the kind of practical support workers need to operate a successful cooperative.

We have an urgent need for funding
to support early-stage co-ops.

The initial phases of a co-op development project lay the foundation of strong relationships, a thorough understanding of the industry, and investment in education and training for the future co-op members.  The co-ops that ask for our support are most often from immigrant and BIPOC communities, women or non-binary, or other workers that find themselves shut off from the opportunities given to those more privileged.  These are the communities that benefit most from early stage co-op support, and this work is the hardest to obtain funding for.  

Please consider a one-time or recurring donation so that we can support cooperators in the critical early stages of their development.

Other ways to support our local co-ops

Boost your local co-ops

Become an investor

There are many options for investing in cooperative businesses. We work in close collaboration with the Cooperative Fund of New England, and Ujima Boston, and those are two great places to start.

Please send us an inquiry if you’d like more ideas for investing in co-ops.