Education and Training

Cooperative Principle Five is Education, Training, and Information, and it is included on the international list of co-op principles for good reason.  Ongoing employee and member education is critical to the long term success of a co-op, to ensure that the members understand their rights and responsibilities, feel empowered to make changes to the co-op when needed, and have the knowledge they need to interpret the data and financial information they will have access to as co-op members.  

Customized Training

BCCO offers customized, on-site training for your employees, members, and/or board.  We also frequently partner with other organizations to offer training to their members, borrowers, and learners.  We can provide annual or periodic trainings on subjects such as:

  • Rights and Responsibilities of Co-op Membership 
  • Decision Making in Cooperatives 
  • Co-op Board Training for Directors and Officers
  • Introduction to Financial Statements
  • Financial Analysis and Key Performance Indicators
  • Budgets: How to Make and Use them

It’s easy to inquire about customized training for your co-op.  Just use our contact form to send an inquiry, and we will schedule a time to discuss your training needs.  

Public Training

In addition to customized training by request, we offer periodic scheduled workshops that are open to the public.  Please check this website and our facebook page for upcoming public trainings.

Co-op Academy

BCCO has created our own co-op study group (aka “Co-op Academy”) curriculum that is continually improved every time we use it.  This curriculum forms the basis of our Startup Incubation services.  Our curriculum can be licensed to co-op support organizations who wish to use it in their own training programs, or BCCO can provide both curriculum and facilitation to your group.  Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our Co-op Academy trainings.